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I write the book, there's so much more I should say...
1st-Aug-2020 12:43 am - Watashi wa tamashii wo utta

Youkoso! Welcome to my little slice of net life but before you friend me please be aware that unless we've talked before I probably won't friend you back. I want to atleast have some idea of the people who will be seeing my rampant fangirling on a daily basis are. So read this if wondering and comment to this post to be considered. 8Db

Ghost Hunt Caption Game game posts will remain public.
My fanfict journal kakyuu_no_yume. My icon community redmoon_icons.

Ja Ne
14th-Oct-2009 05:20 pm - Fanfic and ficlet
I normally dont pimp my fanficts but I feel like doing it today. Both links lead to kakyuu_no_yume

Title: It's About Time For My Arrival
Author: yamikakyuu
Characters: Hibari Kyouya, Hibari Kyouna, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto
Warning: Obviously this is AU XD
Disclaimer: Hitman Reborn belongs to Amano-sensei. Hibari Kyouna is the brain child of kasugai_gummie
Note: Loosely based on Part 2 of Five Relatives Hibari Kyouya Never Had by kasugai_gummie brought to life in art by runesque. Author's Notes follow fict. Link is too my writing journal.

(Many had tried. Nearly all had failed. The few whose attempts paid off got the business end of a tonfa up-side-the-head. But really, how could you not at least try it...)

Title: Tsukimi
Author: yamikakyuu
Pairing: TYL!18TYL!96 (HibaChrome)
Rating: General, mild blood.
Disclaimer: All based on Amano-sensei's creation.
Requested by: runesque who snagged M - Moon viewing on my A-Z fanfict meme. Author's notes follow fict.

(She had not seen him leave the area but given his condition he could not have made it far.)

Sorry to my flist who's seen this already.

Ja Ne
8th-Oct-2009 01:32 pm - Icon dump
Requests - 8
Pandora Hearts - 18 anime, 1 manga coloring + 3 icons from it
Hetalia - 11
Bakemonogatari - 4
Karneval - 4
Misc - 15 (Eden of the East- 1, Umineko - 2, Tears to Tiara - 3, Soul Eater - 1, Kuroshitsuji - 3, Code Geass - 3, Persona - 1, Zetsubou Sensei -1)


(Til I shatter) @ redmoon_icons

This is x posted like the plague...sorry...

Ja Ne
18th-Jun-2009 09:57 pm - My fandom icons
Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions!! Here's a peak at what I came up with 8D


Tons more here!
26th-Jan-2009 01:28 pm - Icons
Oh d_rick~~~ I iconized Matsurika~~ along with Soul Eater and Kuroshitsuji

(Click me, you will!)

Everyone needs to watch Maria+Holic 8Dbb

btw Im back lj 8D

Ja Ne
After what has been in my own opinion a totally awesome run, the GHCG is finally coming to an end after 40 entries. Fitting enough the week of Halloween. Thanks to everyone who took part in it whether only once, a few times, several times or every time. Really, Tuesdays were fun since I got to read all the awesome captions. I doubt this will completely die out, Im sure Ill do random ones for special occasions like Val-Day but if anyone want to continue this you can always use any pics I have in my Gallery.

Ok final screens, 2 this time, 1 very Halloween-esque!

Urado warning XD 2nd caption isnt him though.Collapse )

Ok everyone elses turn!

Ja Ne
23rd-Oct-2008 11:02 am - Attn members of AnimeOtaku forums!
Ok I have a few ppl on my flist who call AO home but Ive been asked by RoseyJoy to post this so its seen by more people (also with AO being down...)

Hopefully most of us know that our glorious leader Ranma recently got married (why is that so hard for me to picture XD ) so RJ orginally asked for members to contribute a audio or video congratulating him and lots of ppl were excited about it but then AO went down :/

So we're trying to get everyone involved again. So if you know of members who might be interested please spread the word!! AIM/IRC/MSN/SKYPE whatever it takes! Ranma deserves this after how awesome he's always been 8D.

Any information needed or to submit for audio/video please email RJ at roseyjoy@gmail.com

Please spread the word!! This entry will remain unlocked for a while so non members of lj might be able to see it.

Ja Ne

Seriously...Ranma is married! Whodathunkit XD
7th-Oct-2008 08:59 pm - Icons
Ne, Daisuke! (d_rick) I know I still owe you Sheryl icons but I made Gintama ones featuring Kyuu-chan from 80 and 81 along with Code Geass epi 25 and Kuroshitsuji epi 1

Click me, you will!

Ja Ne
23rd-Sep-2008 08:12 pm - Ghost Hunt Caption Game 39
Egads its Tuesday! Seriously you dont work for a couple of days and your week is messed up.

Only 1 screen this weekCollapse )
Also next months GHCG will be the last one I host on my lj, mostly I think its kinda run its course, I dont have as many ppl do it as before, its been LOADS of fun but again its kinda run its course.  So Octobers will be the last, obviously wasnt gonna stop it before Funi releases the DVD.

Ja Ne

26th-Aug-2008 08:21 pm - Ghost Hunt Caption Game 38
It just occured to me that if I didnt post this today, Id have missed August's GHCG ^_^;;

One this week and I actually have a caption!Collapse )

On a totally unrelated note, our store survived our corporate visit from Larry Montomgery and friends. I guess we did really well. N and I went to TGIFridays after work for "Happy Hour" XD Kami knows we needed it.

Ja Ne
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