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About Friending:
If you want to friend me go ahead but unless we've actually talked first or friend eachother at the same time, I probably wont friend you back. I do chk the people who friend me lj's and if they are mostly unactive I wont friend back. I like active people and I like making friends with people who will talk to me not just lurk :D If you wish you friend me please comment here.

About me:
Im a total anime and forum addict. I rarely give out personal information about me over the net. Only a few select people know my real name, what I look like and my true age. I like to remain semi-annoymous. My username comes from 2 animes. Yami is from dubbed YGO and means dark. Kakyuu is from SailorMoon Stars and means fireball.
This lj is basically used for whatever anime fandom Im into at the time. Posts may be spaztic, make no sense or otherwise fangirlish in nature. I use caps, I yell, Im passionate. If this bothers you, dont friend, I wont mind. Just thought you'd appreciate a warning.

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